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New Love of the Game auction catalog contains, among many incredible objects, set of ticket stubs to all 44 Brooklyn Dodgers vs NY Yankees World Series games. I am honored to have written an accompanying essay spread over 20 pages. Fantastic collection! (Thanks to @AndrewAronstein)

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New post from SABR Baseball cards! Russell Streur brings us a story about murder and the horse who would give his name to Chicago's first ballpark. sabrbaseballcards.blog/2022/11

My “Disputed NFL championship of 1925” subset of 1933 Goudey is now complete!

The Mrs and I have a running joke that whenever I see a social media salute to the “most wonderful wife anyone could ever ask for” I know dude did something bad. But shoot, here it is from me now!

This Smokin’ hot 🔥 lady right here (“Lady?! That’s my wife you’re talkin’ about!), who I sorta married one year ago today, really is the most wonderful wife anyone could ask for. Can I get an AMEN?!?! ❤️

For folks wondering what’s with the Newton collection, it was something my son and I started together when he was much younger. I’ll let you guess which one of us outgrew it after a year or so. Here is the bulk of our collection, framed on the wall of his “science room.”

As an added bonus I got this Newton as well. It’s a German issue that evidently came with margarine.

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Also added four more 1933 Goudey cards, which puts me at 70/240. A set I absolutely love but not one I can collect in earnest.

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This AL All-Star Team premium arrived today, completing my R309-1 set of 4, and back design changes hint at Goudey's evolving approach to their 1933 baseball set. They offered Ruth's stand-up plaque as a wrapper exchange bonus early in 1933, added both All-Star teams after the huge popularity of their midseason matchup, and then a NY Giants team photo after they won that year's World Series. (Their set's final series of 24 profiled players from AL & NL pennant winners.)

Added some cool cards to my scientist collection. Einstein cards are always fun, but finding a Newton I don’t already have is really fun. I don’t know the year of this issue, but I suspect pre-1955 as the Einstein caption’s difference from the others makes me think he was still living.

Will continue to post the essential baseball card follows of Mastodon when I find them, and I’d love it if y’all do the same. Here is one for the Mt Rushmore of vintage. @prewarcards

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Welcome @SPOART! With you here, I may never need to check the bird app again!

Wrapping up a great weekend in New Orleans and staying right by the (unofficial) SABR Landmark where Zeke Bonura’s 1936-37 World Wide Gum photo was snapped.


- This project gave me the chance to meet one of Chicago’s best, Lawrence “Dan” D’Antignac, proprietor of the Woodshop in Chicago. Got the call from his son that he passed away earlier this month.

September 6, 1985, was just another ordinary day.

1. See Fernando and Dr K battle thru 9 scoreless innings
2. See Darryl win the game in the 13th
3. Wait by Pedro Guerrero’s car for autograph
4. Throw up at Pedro Guerrero’s car
6. Bump into Darryl, who signs this card while holding his baby

Write about some of it for SABR 37 years later: sabr.org/gamesproj/game/septem

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